We are looking for your idea!

Going to the cinema continues to be a popular activity amongst teen audiences. This even though the streaming of video content increases, and big players such as Netflix has somewhat conquered the market.

At Nordisk Film Biografer we strive to ensure that going to the cinema, remains an evident choice among young audiences. In order to do just that, we are always searching for new ideas and ways of thinking.

The sky is the limit but preferably we would like proposals to revolve around following issues:

  • How do we help teen audiences in their process of determining whether to go to the cinema or not – what film to choose, who to bring and where to purchase tickets?
  • How do we inspire teens and make them aware of current films showing at the cinema?
  • How do we design a cinema experience, worthy of being shared on social media?

Furthermore the idea must work digitally and comply with our online behaviour on various social media platforms.  

Read more about the grounds and objectives of the project here on the site.